Cowan Point Sea Life

Visibility has been great for Howe Sound scuba divers.

Last weekend diver and photographer Lee Newman got some great shots on a dive at Cowan Point.

Here’s Lee’s account of the dive:

For the second dive of the day Jan and Kevin took us to Cowan Point – a wall dive on the southeast corner of Bowen Island in Howe Sound.The surface was a bit choppy as the weather closed in on us, but we got in and started our descent just off the wall down to about 115′.

Jan and Kevin had described the dive site, known for the section of wall covered in crimson anemones (Cribrinopsis fernaldi), and suggested a navigational plan that would have us first swim north, keeping the wall on our left, and then turning so we could picked up in a spot that was safe for Kevin to maneuver the boat given the conditions.

We descended in mid-water and arrived at a ledge in 115′ of water and then turned to face the wall  – we had arrived in exactly the spot that was covered in a pastel carpet of crimson anemones!

We spent a few minutes getting some photos and video of the spectacle and then headed north according to the dive plan. Within a few minutes it became obvious that the best part of the wall was now behind us, so we turned and headed back to the anemones. We took a few more photos and a bit more video and then continued south along the wall. Just past the anemones was a huge section of the wall almost completely covered in a pink fuzzy carpet of orange zoanthids (Epizoanthus scotinus) – I was beginning to wonder if we were still in Howe Sound!

We explored along the wall checking out the cloud sponges and eventually began our ascent. We surfaced after a relatively short decompression schedule and were picked up – greeted by Jan with hot chocolates all around! In talking about the dive on the way back to Horseshoe Bay, the three of us agreed that this was likely one of the best dives any of us had ever made in Howe Sound.

I shoot with a Canon 30D in an Ikelite housing and a single Ikelite DS-160 strobe. The images on this dive were taken with a 28/1.8 mm lens behind a 6″ dome port.

Lee’s been kind enough to share a few of the photos he took on the dive:


All photos are © Lee Newman


  1. Nice shots Lee! It was a fantastic dive, can’t wait to do it again. Congratulations on the new boat, it is very comfortable to dive from. Thanks Jan and Kevin!

    Greg McCracken
    Owner, Ocean Quest Dive Centre

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