Topline at Sea Dragon Charters

We’re pretty excited about our new dive boat (well, she’s new to us).

Some of you may know Topline if you’ve done any diving or sight seeing in the Egmont or Princess Louisa area of BC.

Topline is now Sea Dragon Charter’s main dive boat, and you’ll see her in our usual spot at Horseshoe Bay.

She’s bigger and faster than our other boat, and that means we can get to all those great diving spots in Howe Sound a lot quicker. It also means we can venture a bit further afield.

Captain Kevin is also really impressed with how well Topline handles swells and chop – with a bigger bow and a different hull configuration, you’re going to find the ride out to your dive not only faster, but a lot smoother.

Everybody now gets a lot more elbow room to gear up, all under cover in heated comfort, on Topline’s big aft deck.

We know that divers choose Sea Dragon Charters because of the personal service, and the fact that we’re divers too.  None of that has changed. In fact, we think we’ll be able to provide even more personalized service and comfort aboard our new boat!

Book your dive with us today, or check with your favorite dive center for availability with Sea Dragon Charters.   Call 604-329-3486.

– Jan and Kevin Breckman

Topline Stats

Length:  40 feet
Width at the Beam:  16 feet
Engines:  Twin Diesels
Cruising Speed: 15 knots
Top Speed:  26 knots


  1. Helloooooo.
    Hope all is well. I was wondering if you have a charter going out November 8, 2014 for Diving. My girlfriend and myself. She is AOW and I’m a DM with OPD.
    Thank you in advanced.
    Cheers, Roland

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