More Ways to Keep in Touch

This week we launched our  e-mail newsletter.

Every month or so, we’ll send you up-to-date info on all things related to Sea Dragon Charters, diving in Howe Sound, and any special offers.

This is in addition to our regular website updates which you can get sent to you by email.

So, now there are 2 ways to keep in touch – and we’d be please if you subscribe to both.  You can easily unsubscribe by following the links included with each email we send.


  • About once a month.
  • Email -newsletter with updates, specials, and other information.
  • Sign up here.

Website updates:

  • Whenever we update the website, you’ll get an email with details and a link.
  • This is via Google’s “Feedburner” service.
  • Subscribe here

And remember too, you’ll find Sea Dragon Charters on  Twitter, and Facebook !

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