New Photos from William Stewart

William Stewart added some new photos to the Sea Dragon photo group on Flickr.

(click to see a larger version)


And make sure you check out the super cool video he got of the Dall’s Porpoise Pacific white-sided dolphins surfing the bowwave !

Here’s a note from Jan about the dolphins:

This was absolutely awesome.  There were well over 100 dolphins – pretty sure they were Pacific white-sided dolphins though- not Dall’s Porposes.  They were just off the west  side of Boyer Island.

Never in all the years we have been in Howe sound have we seen such a spectacle!

They were riding the bow, the wake, playing, jumping, and one even turned and purposely soaked one of our divers who was on the bow, by spashing the water with his fin!

Thanks William!

You can see them all in the Sea Dragon photo pool on Flickr here.

And remember, you can add yours anytime !


  1. Hi Kev and Jan: Got the link to the dolphin footage from Saturday…AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks again for taking us out to Christie and Pinnacle today. It was yet another wonderful excursion on the Sea Dragon. The new boat is absolutely fabulous!!! See you again soon!


  2. Bill Stewart says:

    Hi Sabrina, Robert, Kev & Jan.

    Yes we were very lucky to stumble across the dolphins, it was way cool. I think they were having just as much fun as we were. My favorite part is when they go on their side to look up at us as we look down at them.

    Oh yeah, the diving was outstanding also! Luv the new boat too, lots of room.


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