Discover the Den

We first told you about The Dragon’s Den at the beginning of June.  At that time, Jan wrote:

We found a GREAT new site we are planning to dive again on Sunday this weekend – we are calling it the “Dragon’s Den”.

Beautiful wall with nice cavernous overhang at 65’ full of life including plumous anenomes hanging upside down inside the cavern…

Last weekend diver Stuart T. got the picture featured here. And diver Robert Roy got some great pictures in the den, he’s posted them here on his Facebook page. (While you’re on Facebook, pay a visit to the Sea Dragon page.)

In all, four divers got pictures of our Dragon’s Den mascot last weekend, and in so doing, won themselves a Sea Dragon t-shirt.

Here’s an ode to the little critter courtesy Tony Hill:

Behold…A denizen of the deep…feared by all but the bravest of divers…mythical in status…yet so deeply misunderstood….
I feel a James Cameron movie plot comming on…

We have room for divers this weekend, July 2-3:

Howe Sound: room both days

Nanaimo: room on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning.

Call Jan to book at 604-329-3486.

More Dragon photos below – click on the image for a larger version.



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