Incredible Annapolis Contest & Diving This Weekend

Deirdre at the Artificial Reef Society has come up with the biggest contest give-way yet ! Here’s a note from her about this fantastic opportunity to win a Hollis Dive Propulsion Vehicle…

We are in the final stages of preparing the Annapolis for sinking this year and our progress has been steady.

Once again, a huge thank you (!!) to the legion of volunteers who continue to come out and help. The ARSBC Board of Directors would like to re-iterate our deep appreciation for all who have contributed to this important project, and we would like to encourage you to continue to support this effort.

At the last extraction we recycled back into the market over 27 tons of materials and have substantially cleared the bulk of the loose materials in the ship as we continue with environmental preparations.  The good news is most of the hard work is done but we still some remaining to finish.

As many of you know, over the three years of the Annapolis project  we have been providing some terrific prize draws and dive trip incentives  to the volunteers, thanks to the kind and generous support of many industry equipment dealers, dive centres, and charter operators listed on our web site. The results were fantastic with higher volunteer participation.

An estimated $20,000 at retail has been donated in prizes and we have lots of happy volunteers (despite the occasional scratches, bruises, and aches).

With the final push upon us, we have an even bigger surprise to announce so get ready for this….

How would you like to tour the Annapolis underwater? With a powerful Dive Propulsion Vehicle? How would you like to own one?     To find out more, see the Artificial Reef Society web page

Wow, what a great opportunity to score an incredible piece of gear !

As for diving this (long) Weekend – even more good news:

Howe Sound:  We have room  Friday afternoon at 2pm, Sat, Sun, & Mon

Nanaimo: Space in Nanaimo too – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As always, call Jan to book at 604-329-3486  or email

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