CAFA Freediving Club Late Summer Dive Competition

We got this nice note and pictures from Andrew Hogan, president of the Canadian Association of Freediving & Apnea after hosting them on Topline for their later than usual “Late Summer Dive Competition”:

On behalf of CAFA, I would like to thank the Sea Dragon Dive Charters (Kevin & Jan), our EMTs (Chris and Sophia) and all the athletes (Jen, Paul, Tom and Peter), Judges (Manfred and Greg) and volunteers (Brent, Eugene and Bob) that made this weekend’s competition a great success!

This “Late Summer Dive Competition”, originally promoted as our “On Time Summer Competition”, was postponed due to scheduling conflicts, from mid August to mid September.

Although the delay unfortunately did affected the number of divers able to compete, those that could make it were treated to a great day on the water.

With “good-for-Vancouver” visibly, calm seas and “great-for-Vancouver” weather (in spite of a typical rainy morning), everyone (volunteers especially) seemed to have gotten their money’s worth.

With a quick setup and take-down of the rig, and a well executed competition – thanks to good safety, good judging and clean performances – we were able to finish up the line diving and still have time for an afternoon of recreational freediving along the wall at Boyer Island.

Drifting with the current and with post-comp. confidence, divers could be seen hanging off the wall at 25 plus meters snapping shots of sponges, anemones, rock fish, ling cod, seals and fellow divers.

Back on the boat, Jan treated us to a round of hot chocolate.

And with the sun still bright above Bowen Island, we headed back to the Bay for burgers and beer…

Sunday’s pool competition – again thanks to the judges, EMT’s and safety’s – ran smoothly, each athlete finishing with White Card performances.

Tom’s 100meter performance (perhaps a World first in competition – video soon to be posted on CAFA site), was particularly noteworthy, as it was  realized by means of aqueon propulsion. Although the other athletes used more conventional methods of locomotion, they still managed to put up some good numbers.

And with strong finishes in both the static and the ocean event, Peter Pazdera managed to clinch first place, just squeaking ahead of Tom Lightfoot da vinci and the aqueon.

Here’s a full list of performances.

Congratulations Everyone for making this a great weekend. CAFA had so much fun organizing this event, we are planning on doing another one this November.

Thanks again,
Andrew Hogan
CAFA President

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