June Diving

Look out, here comes June.

What’s so great about June ?

Well, first of all, here in the Northern Hemisphere, June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year.

And here are a couple of weird June facts (via Wikipedia):

  • No other month begins on the same day of the week as June (June and May are the only two months like this)
  • June ends on the same day of the week as March every year.

What better way to usher in the 6th Month of the Year than to do some diving – either out of Howe Sound or Nanaimo.

We’ve got room in both locations on Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd.  We’ve been getting great visibility – over 60′ at depth.

Join us on Topline in Howe Sound, or Sea Dragon out of Nanaimo this weekend.

Call Jan at 604-329-348 to book, or send her an email now to reserve your spot.

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