Annapolis Update & Dive Opportunity Updates

The sinking of the Annapolis is imminent!  This weekend may be the last time you get to volunteer on the Annapolis, and to see this beauty before she goes to her final resting place in beautiful Howe Sound!

To volunteer, contact the Artificial Reef Society of BC at  We are still hoping for a fall sinking!  Things are moving along very quickly!

Diving opportunities

Horseshoe Bay

  • This coming weekend – Sept 29 & 30th – openings both Saturday an Sunday

Nanaimo Openings

  • Tues Oct 2 – openings available!
  • Oct 6 & 7 – Sat & Sun – afternoon dives – 2pm
  • Oct 8 – Monday morning dive – Thanksgiving Day
  • Oct 10-12 – Wed- Fri mornings -dive with a film crew who are making a documentary on the wrecks called “Reefs of Steel”

To book your dives – call Jan at  604-329-3486 or email

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