Annapolis Sink Date Postponed

The Artificial Reef Society of BC has postponed the sinking of HMCS Annapolis.  From the ARSBC website:

Howie Robins, President of the ARSBC commented, “due to some very last minute operational difficulties relating to the readiness of the ship for diver access we have decided on a short term delay.. The delay will likely result in a November sinking subject to weather conditions and a revised sink date will be established.

“it’s highly disappointing to come this far only to have to reset the event but it happens with major projects despite best efforts. Nevertheless our goal is to sink the ship in Halkett Bay, Gambier Island this year. We will not be announcing the revised sink date until all the details have been addressed ” Robins added.

For the latest updates on the status of the project, please see the ARSBC website:

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