Dive For Peace Day

June 28th 2014 saw British Columbia’s first annual Dive For Peace Day, an event promoted by UNESCO to raise awareness on the centenary of the First World War.

Organized by Sea Dragon Charters and Seaproof.tv, the day consisted of two dives in the local, emerald waters, with a BBQ lunch and tour of the former HMCS Annapolis – past warship and currently being prepped to become an artificial reef.

Amongst the fantastic diving and the great company, we were paid a visit by two Navy ships, running training operations. They shared some of their reasons for joining, and their respects for those that served during WW1.

Divers from across the globe were encouraged to dive on a First World War site, in a responsible manner of course, by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. However, since there’s a lack of those sites around BC we promoted a day on the Topline charter out of Horseshoe Bay, where we dived under an old WW2 gun mount, that made up part of the defence system for Howe Sound.

The day was not just to promote a remembrance of the First World War, but also WW2, and most importantly – to celebrate the freedom that was given to us, so we can do cool things like scuba dive!

A Canada in war time fact sheet was also produced, it can be downloaded here.

Dive For Peace Day was the first annual event of it’s kind in British Columbia, and the first of some exciting new Sea Dragon Charters days out. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest news!

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