A great time for diving in Howe Sound, British Columbia


Sea Dragon Charters have had a fantastic year. We don’t wish to gloat of course, but we have! This summer brought with it some fantastic weather, stunning diving, and a host of divers from across the globe. We’re both very lucky and very humbled to be in the company of such good people, in such a beautiful place.

But now things start to get really interesting! Despite Captain Kevin Breckman’s deep love for the summer sun, the fall is when Sea Dragon Charters comes into it’s own. The clear, crisp air of British Columbia, the cooler temperatures that don’t roast divers in their drysuits, and the bright winter sun. Perfect. Most importantly this time of year is when the waters of Howe Sound start to become very clear, sometimes offering visibility up to 80 feet or more.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the best time for cold water diving would be in the summer, when it’s at least a little warmer. But truth be told, the winter is the best time to scuba dive in British Columbia, Canada. The colder temperatures at the surface make it less habitable for the algae blooms that often contribute to low visibility during the warmer, summer months.

Thermoclines can also play their part in reducing visibility in the shallower depths, although to a much lesser degree. During the fall and winter months, there is less of a temperature variation between the shallow water and the deeper water which often results in clearer looking shallows – perfect for snorkelling or shallow underwater photography dives.

The plankton bloom in British Columbia also plays a large part in reducing visibility during summer months. That’s not to say summer diving in Howe Sound always has bad visibility, in fact this year we have had some simply stunning days underwater. But, it is generally considered that winter diving in Howe Sound is amongst some of the best in Canada.

So what’s in store at Sea Dragon Charters? Firstly, we’ll be offering charters in Nanaimo. The Topline is regarded as one of the best dive vessels in British Columbia, and we intend to take advantage of that, and give you the very best dive charter experience we can. Throughout the fall and winter months we’ll take the Topline across to Nanaimo where she’ll stay for a full weekend of wreck diving goodness. And yes, we can get you a discount at the nearest hotel, just ask us about it when booking!

On top of that, we’ll be running regular dive charters in Howe Sound each weekend. We’ll be visiting our extensive list of fantastic dive sites, such as Halkett Bay Wall, Route 66, Dragon’s Den, and The Canyons amongst a ton of others. Plus, we’ll be doing dives to the incredible Sponge Bob site – one of the most impressive dive sites in Howe Sound, covered in ancient glass sponges.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll have a few new sites to take you to, plus we’ll be running a couple of our immensely popular Exploration Dive Days. A dive day packed with several shorter, 15 minute dives, with the aim of uncovering fantastic new sites in Howe Sound. Boldly going where no diver has gone before!

Then there’s the 366 foot reef sunk in April, you know, the Annapolis! We’re super excited to be offering charters to this site through it’s first winter. Life is starting to make the Annapolis home at quite an impressive rate. It’s going to be very exciting for divers to monitor the wreck through the winter, to keep tabs on the increase of life, and report, photo and video some of it’s new residents. We’ll also be diving her ourselves; we’re looking forward to seeing Annie in good viz and all her glory!

That’s all, right? No. We’ll be offering some great deals on Dragon Packs – which go on sale shortly, offering awesome savings on our charters. We’ll be selling Sea Dragon apparel to keep you warm on those chillier days. And most importantly, above all else, we’ll have a fine selection of surface interval soups!

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