Give thanks this weekend, to Howe Sound


The turkey will wait. The afternoon nap is not essential. And there will be nothing worth watching on TV anyway. So spend Thanksgiving aboard the boat that keeps on giving! 

Thanksgiving Monday we will be diving two unknown locations. We love the excitement of exploratory dives, the possibility of discovering a gem in the crown of Howe Sound. We have miles, upon miles of untouched and largely un-dived coastline. Lets explore and see if we can find a stunning new dive site!

October 10th – 12th Availability aboard the Topline, Howe Sound
Saturday  – Space available, 8:30am
Walls – 2 dives

Sunday – Spaces available, 8:30am
Wreck n’ wall – 2 dives

Monday – Spaces available, 8:30am

Er, did you say ghost dives?

Yes we did, thanks for noticing! In the words of Captain Kevin Breckman: “Ghost dives – the unknown, not seen before, mysterious, exciting and maybe a little scary!” Someone’s looking forward to Halloween!

Thanksgiving dives will be held at two unexplored, unknown sites in Howe Sound. Dive down, look around, report back. Maybe you’ll stumble upon one of Howe Sounds uncovered beauties?

This Thanksgiving weekend Canadians will:

  • Eat enough turkeys to stretch from Regina to Fredericton
  • Bake enough loaves of bread to cover 31 hockey rinks
  • Eat the equivalent weight of 65 Boeing 747s in potatoes
  • Fill two Olympic sized swimming pools with cranberries
  • Make enough gravy to fill 17 rail cars

Thanksgiving was first celebrated in Canada when English explorer Martin Frobisher held a feast in Newfoundland to mark his safe arrival to the New World in 1578.

Turkeys are very old – 11 million years old, according to palaeontologists, and have formed part of the diet of ancient hemispheric civilizations for millennia

Canadian Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the second Monday in October, earlier than the American Thanksgiving, which is held in November. Since 1971 it has coincided with Columbus Day in the U.S.

Thanksgiving is a statutory holiday in Canada, except in PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

There are 80 cranberry farms in British Columbia!

Thanksgiving Day is statistically one of the most awesome days to dive!

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