Tripadvisor – 32 excellent reviews, and counting!

Thank you. No, really. We love our job, we love exploring, we love diving, we love snorkelling. We love watching people end their days with big smiles sweeping from ear to ear. We’ve been doing this for longer than we can remember, but to see people actively give great feedback on sites such as Tripadvisor, makes us very happy indeed.

We now have 32 fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor – and no bad ones! We’re currently the number one attraction in Horseshoe Bay, and that’s down to you, and the feedback you have given us, so once again, thank you! But don’t take out word for it, see below, or visit our Tripadvisor page.

If you haven’t left feedback yourself, we’d sure appreciate it. And most importantly, we hope to see you having fun again soon!


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