Unexpectedly good viz! Come join us!

Visibility Report, Sea Dragon Charters

Sea Dragon dove both walls and wrecks last weekend, with unexpectedly good visibility!

Despite viz conditions along the Sea to Sky shoreline being pretty slim, last weekend’s dives on the Annapolis had unexpectedly high visibility of 50 feet! Proving that you never know what the ocean may hold, conditions vary, but one thing’s for sure – if you don’t dive, you won’t see anything!

This weekend we have a Saturday of fantastic wall dives, and a Sunday diving the Annapolis, and a wall. Best of both, you can’t argue with that!

Looking for a mid-week dive? Get 4 people and we’ll start our engines, head out on a weekday, and give you a fun day of diving! That’s you, plus three others. You can do that right?! Avoid rush hour, skip the board meeting, swap the pin stripe suit for a drysuit – three buddies and you makes for a great weekday! Book now!


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