It Doesn’t Get Better Than This!

Guests snorkeling under the sun at Pam Rocks

Beautiful British Columbia – it’s called that for a reason, and that reason is a nice day exploring Howe Sound. Where else can you paddle or snorkel under blue skies and snow capped mountains, whilst scuba divers explore the water beneath you, and seals come to say hello.

It’s a one of a kind place, and we’d love to share it with you.

This weekend we have two fantastic days of diving, and we’re already half sold out!!! So GET IN QUICK and book your spot. We’re also taking bookings for kayak and snorkel adventures – head to our website for more details, and to make a booking! It’s never been easier to have an awesome day out!

This week we’ve had some fantastic visibility on both Bowyer and Gambier Islands. Divers have reported 70+ in some areas!

Kevin reports the viz is fantastic!

KayakerThe sun is out, and we’re officially declaring it kayak and snorkel season! Sunny skies, calm seas and a ton of encounters from our inquisitive friends make it a day on the water to remember. No one else can take you snorkeling with seals this close to Vancouver, that’s why we are one of the city’s must do summer activities – for the whole family. We’re taking bookings now for a truly unique BC adventure! Visit our snorkel page for more info.Happy Dragon Divers

Check in next Monday for your Dragon Dive Report, and then again on Wednesday for your Weekly Newsletter. See you soon!

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