Dragon Dive Report – April 25th, 2016


Happy Divers

“This weekend was very busy and fun filled! Saturday am started with a group from the tri cities area in Washington. We dove the Annapolis followed by Halkett Wall. The surface visibility was poor to about 30′ but the visibility was excellent below 30′, where divers reported 30′ of horizontal. The second trip on Saturday brought out a local group and about 6 additional from the US dive group, who just needed more time in water! This group choose to dive the Annapolis as the 1st dive, and Crazy Crabs as their second. Visibility reports were very good – in excess of the morning dives. All the usual suspects were around for diver’s enjoyment. Octos, ling cod, grunt sculpin, and of course an abundance of wild and crazy crabs. The group of about 20 met for dinner and drinks post dive and this was only Saturday! Sunday’s 1st dive was at Drop Me Off Wall, a local favourite. The surface clarity had dropped with the visibility not opening up until about 50′. However, the divers all reported awesome diving with lots to see at depth! By unanimous decision, the Washington group chose Annapolis as their final dive for the weekend. The end of trip comments from the Washington Group sum up how much fun everyone had, ‘We will be back!’ Want to go diving? Hope to see you soon! Cheers, Captain Kevin”

Visibility: 30′ in the shallows, awesome at depth!
Weather: Seas mostly calm, breezy at times. Mostly sunny with some cloud cover.
Sightings: Octos, ling cod, grunt sculpins, abundance of crabs
Captain: Kevin
Saturday Crew: Bob, Christina, Josh
Sunday Crew: Bob, Josh

Photo Credit: Captain Kevin

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