Swap the remote, for remoteness!

Hermit Crab

Now we like our TV, we love our Game of Thrones and we enjoy Netflix as much as the next person, but, it doesn’t come close to dropping a hundred foot below the waves and coming face to face with curious sea creatures. Last weekend’s diving was a huge success, with some great dives on walls, reefs and wrecks – and with really good visibility below the top thirty feet.

Swap the remote, for remoteness. Howe Sound has an underwater world just waiting for you to visit it.

This weekend we have a scientific research dive Saturday morning, so the Topline is fully booked. But we do have a Saturday afternoon charter, and two charters on Sunday. No excuses! You can even watch a Game of Thrones episode in-between.  There’s a Friday dive planned, so we’ve got you covered! We’re also taking bookings for kayak and snorkel adventures – head to our snorkel page for more details, and to make a booking!

Captain Kevin Visibility Report

Grunt Sculpin PictureThis Weekend Availability:

Topline, Howe Sound

Friday 29th April
Captains Choice!

Saturday 30th April
AM dive – Research dive – FULL
PM dive – Wreck n’ wall

Sunday 1st May
AM dive – O’natural
PM dive – Annapolis x 2
Sea Dragon Dive Report
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