Dragon Dive Report – May 2


Divers at Anvil Island

Last weekend we had some exciting and busy dive days – 4 trips in total. The weather gave us some hot summery days and we experienced beautifully clear emerald waters! In the photo you can see some tech divers ready to descend, with famous Mt Garibaldi in the background. Truly a stunning weekend!

Saturday we had a special dive planned – deep dive #4 of 7 for the Glass Sponge Bioherm research project. We asked Chris Straub to do a little impromptu recap before their dive. Check out the 5x #‎Awesome video on our facebook.

Visibility – Fantastic and VERY clear, even in the top 15ft. 9c at 90ft!
Weather – Summer is here!
Sightings – Giant glass sponges and all the usual critters out exploring.
Captain – Kevin
Crew – Rachel, Josh, Bob

Photo/Video – Rachel

Big thank you to Chris for letting us put you on the spot Saturday, tank distractions and all.


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