Explore the Dragon’s Den this Weekend!

Explore Dragon's Den in Howe Sound - Scuba Diving

Howe Sound is not shy of fantastic dive sites, one of our signature sites is the Dragon’s Den. Beautiful overhangs and caverns at 45-55 feet. Look up and see air pool above your head, whilst anemones hang upside down from the ceiling. Search for critters hiding in every nook and cranny, and grab a pic with the dragon statue guarding the entrance, whilst the other two dragon’s lay in wait for you to discover.

Explore Howe Sound this Saturday and Sunday!

Captain Kevin reports “We were on Howe Sound today and water conditions looked great!

Diving Conditions Improving

Its Summer and Time to Snorkel


Topline, Howe Sound

June 4th 
Saturday AM – Dragon’s Den
Saturday PM – Snorkel & KayakJune 5th 
Sunday AM – Annapolis Double Dip
Saturday PM – Snorkel & Kayak

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Looking for a mid-week dive? Get 4 people and we’ll start our engines, head out on a weekday, and give you a fun day of diving! That’s you, plus three others. You can do that right?! Avoid rush hour, skip the board meeting, swap the pin stripe suit for a drysuit – three buddies and you makes for a great weekday! Book now!

We’re taking bookings now for the next twelve months. Looking for a place to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, how about a day snorkelling and kayaking? Maybe treat your employees to a unique team building day on the water? Show those out of town friends and family what life is like here in BC, book that club dive or dive vacation. Or maybe just make the most of your days off.  Contact us, and don’t forget we have a full fleet of rental gear, and have special arrangements with local hotels info@seadragoncharters.com / 604-329-3486



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