Dive Sponge Bob, A Unique Sponge Bioherm!

Dive Sponge Bob a unique sponge bioherm

Have you dived one of Howe Sound’s most impressive sites? We call it Sponge Bob, a recreational depth sponge bioherm. Bioherms are composed of sponges living on fossilized sponge skeletons (delicate silica or glass). Sponges are rare animals unlike any other in the world, as they do not have a digestive or nervous system and they can filter masses of water, producing nitrogen. Bioherms also act like a huge apartment block for other marine life, making for one stunning dive experience – all here in Howe Sound!

Sponge Bob is a very rare in site; it’s large, it’s within recreational diving limits, and you’ll be hard pressed to find another like it outside of Howe Sound.

As Sponge Bob himself once said: “You don’t need a licence to drive a sandwich”. Too true Sponge Bob, too true. However, due to the fragile nature of the sponge divers must hold an advanced level certification, and have very good neutral buoyancy skills. You can bring your own sandwich.

You can dive Sponge Bob this Saturday!

Learn more about sponges at the Vancouver Aquarium site, or our blog.

Diver on glass sponge reef

Weekend Availability:

Topline, Howe Sound

June 11th
Saturday 8am – Sponge Bob & Wall Dive
June 12th
Sunday 8am – Annapolis Double Dip (Halkett Bay inner wall is available for those only going on Annapolis dive)
Sunday 2pm – Snorkel and Kayak Adventure
Book online, Call 604-329-3486, or email info@seadragoncharters.com

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