Free SANTI drysuit demos


Sea Dragon Charters is pleased to announce that our Expedition Centre in Horseshoe Bay has the honour of being the only SANTI Drysuit Demonstration centre / Premium Dealer in Western Canada!  The feeling is that we are better situated than any dealer in Canada to demo these suits on our boat, out of Horseshoe Bay! As you know, the Topline is roomy and comfortable, has a large change area, head, and plenty of room on board for multiple sizes of drysuits.

SANTI are a top-of-the-line shell style drysuit manufacturer, with a worldwide reputation for quality. Their undergarments are also amazing, with several warm and comfortable styles available. We’ll even be stocking heated vests soon (just waiting on the batteries)!

We have a full inventory of SANTI suits available that you can demo on any Sea Dragon dive trip for FREE!  Not only that, if you decide to purchase a SANTI suit from us after you have demo’d it on one of our dive charters, we will give you your next dive charter with us for FREE! ($109.95 value)

If you are in the market for a shell style drysuit – call us to book your free SANTI drysuit demo on any Sea Dragon boat dive charter!

For more on SANTI’s range visit:

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