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Since 1932, Black Friday has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and one of the largest sales in the retail calendar. We have only 25% of our Dragon Packs available for purchase – and if you buy one this week we’ll give you a FREE gift!

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In The Outdoor


Some of our local customers may know Wayne Anderton, a keen diver and underwater photographer from Vancouver. Well, we’re pleased to announce that Wayne’s In The Outdoor Photography has various works on sale at our Expedition Centre.

Visitors to the Expedition Centre can purchase postcards and prints, while though his website a lot more options are available, from aluminum prints, to canvases and more.

But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!


Dragon Packs Now On Sale!!!

Dragon Pack

Poster: Courtenay Breckman

Free SANTI drysuit demos


Sea Dragon Charters is pleased to announce that our Expedition Centre in Horseshoe Bay has the honour of being the only SANTI Drysuit Demonstration centre / Premium Dealer in Western Canada!  The feeling is that we are better situated than any dealer in Canada to demo these suits on our boat, out of Horseshoe Bay! As you know, the Topline is roomy and comfortable, has a large change area, head, and plenty of room on board for multiple sizes of drysuits.

SANTI are a top-of-the-line shell style drysuit manufacturer, with a worldwide reputation for quality. Their undergarments are also amazing, with several warm and comfortable styles available. We’ll even be stocking heated vests soon (just waiting on the batteries)!

We have a full inventory of SANTI suits available that you can demo on any Sea Dragon dive trip for FREE!  Not only that, if you decide to purchase a SANTI suit from us after you have demo’d it on one of our dive charters, we will give you your next dive charter with us for FREE! ($109.95 value)

If you are in the market for a shell style drysuit – call us to book your free SANTI drysuit demo on any Sea Dragon boat dive charter!

For more on SANTI’s range visit: www.santidiving.com

Special Rate for Scientific Meeting – Sunday September 11th


Sea Dragon Charters customers can get tickets for this weekend’s Practical Guidelines in Diving Medicine, directly from us.

Sponsored by Shearwater Research, the one day event has a series of guest speakers covering different aspects of dive medicine, from ear, nose & throat, to dive industry safety issues, and managing DCS.

You can buy tickets directly from us, so give us a call -604-329-3486, or send an email now!

Sea Dragon & Vancouver Aquarium team up for special rockfish ID events!


The first event is a rockfish identification workshop by Vancouver Aquarium. Intended to either refresh your ID skills, or act as a general introduction to fish ID for those who are new to it. There will be about 90 minutes of instruction in the classroom, followed by an opportunity to practice your ID skills in the Aquarium’s galleries.

When: 6 -9 pm, Monday, August 22, 2016
Where: Vancouver Aquarium Aquaquest classrooms
Cost: $20 for non-members, $16 for members

Register here.

Sea Dragon customers, we will also be heading onboard the Topline Sunday, August 28 to practice our rockfish ID skills, with two dives at rockfish hotspots in Howe Sound.

 They’ll also be a second workshop on the evening of Monday, October 17, 2016. This second workshop will focus on the marine life associated with glass sponge reefs with an optional Sea Dragon Charter on Sunday, 23 October – details to come in a future newsletter! 

Dragon Dive Report for June 13th

Viz Report Great - Captain Kevin

The Halkett Bay and Gambier Island dives were the focus of this weekend’s adventures.

Here’s Captain Kevin’s dive report:

What an extraordinary weekend we had! With the tides just right, we were able to dive the rare glass sponge  reef(aka Sponge Bob) of Halkett Bay on Saturday, a newly protected area by the Province of BC. Typically a challenging dive due to depth and strong surface current, the site Sponge Bob is not regularly accessible. To see this location divers have to be highly experienced with good buoyancy as the reef drops in excess of 150ft. This weekend the bioherm was 78ft at its shallowest so with calm seas and some interesting surface current, 12 divers had the chance to see the rare glass sponges with Jan marking the way. Our second dive was Twin Peaks which is located in Brigade Bay, Gambier Island. Divers reported a gentle ebb drift, with excellent viz opening up at 25ft. Divers saw two large wolf eels! There were also many reported sightings of octopus dens, but this time around the octopus eluded the drivers. 

Sunday turned out to be a warm day with partially sunny skies and calm seas. We had double wreck dives on HMCS Annapolis, and a mixed group of divers turned up for both exploration and wreck training. Viz was reported to be clear at depth opening up on the hangers to 50ft, but a bit cloudy in the top 30ft. Divers explored the bow of Annapolis reporting a growing spread of young plumose anemones.

All divers reported having a great dive! 

We hope to see you out diving soon!”  


Visibility: 20 ft visibility in top 20ft, opening up to 50ft at depth. Improving conditions.

Weather: Saturday was rainy, Sunday was sunny and calm seas

Sightings: 2 wolf eels, the rare glass sponge bioherm, and lots of life on the wreck

Captain: Kevin

Crew: Bob, Jan, Deon, Rachel


Dive Sponge Bob, A Unique Sponge Bioherm!

Dive Sponge Bob a unique sponge bioherm

Have you dived one of Howe Sound’s most impressive sites? We call it Sponge Bob, a recreational depth sponge bioherm. Bioherms are composed of sponges living on fossilized sponge skeletons (delicate silica or glass). Sponges are rare animals unlike any other in the world, as they do not have a digestive or nervous system and they can filter masses of water, producing nitrogen. Bioherms also act like a huge apartment block for other marine life, making for one stunning dive experience – all here in Howe Sound!

Sponge Bob is a very rare in site; it’s large, it’s within recreational diving limits, and you’ll be hard pressed to find another like it outside of Howe Sound.

As Sponge Bob himself once said: “You don’t need a licence to drive a sandwich”. Too true Sponge Bob, too true. However, due to the fragile nature of the sponge divers must hold an advanced level certification, and have very good neutral buoyancy skills. You can bring your own sandwich.

You can dive Sponge Bob this Saturday!

Learn more about sponges at the Vancouver Aquarium site, or our blog.

Diver on glass sponge reef

Weekend Availability:

Topline, Howe Sound

June 11th
Saturday 8am – Sponge Bob & Wall Dive
June 12th
Sunday 8am – Annapolis Double Dip (Halkett Bay inner wall is available for those only going on Annapolis dive)
Sunday 2pm – Snorkel and Kayak Adventure
Book online, Call 604-329-3486, or email info@seadragoncharters.com

Scuba diving charter on Wednesdays and Fridays

Do enjoy diving with Sea Dragon Charters? Then we’d love to hear about it. We’re looking for customers to share their experience on Google Reviews. Simply type ‘Sea Dragon Charters’ into google, and on the right hand side, under the little map, you’ll see a button “Write Review”. Customer satisfaction is a huge point of pride with us, and we’d love for you to tell others how much you enjoyed your dive.


Thank you! See you in Howe Sound! 



Explore the Dragon’s Den this Weekend!

Explore Dragon's Den in Howe Sound - Scuba Diving

Howe Sound is not shy of fantastic dive sites, one of our signature sites is the Dragon’s Den. Beautiful overhangs and caverns at 45-55 feet. Look up and see air pool above your head, whilst anemones hang upside down from the ceiling. Search for critters hiding in every nook and cranny, and grab a pic with the dragon statue guarding the entrance, whilst the other two dragon’s lay in wait for you to discover.

Explore Howe Sound this Saturday and Sunday!

Captain Kevin reports “We were on Howe Sound today and water conditions looked great!

Diving Conditions Improving

Its Summer and Time to Snorkel


Topline, Howe Sound

June 4th 
Saturday AM – Dragon’s Den
Saturday PM – Snorkel & KayakJune 5th 
Sunday AM – Annapolis Double Dip
Saturday PM – Snorkel & Kayak

Book now: 604-329-3486


Looking for a mid-week dive? Get 4 people and we’ll start our engines, head out on a weekday, and give you a fun day of diving! That’s you, plus three others. You can do that right?! Avoid rush hour, skip the board meeting, swap the pin stripe suit for a drysuit – three buddies and you makes for a great weekday! Book now!

We’re taking bookings now for the next twelve months. Looking for a place to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, how about a day snorkelling and kayaking? Maybe treat your employees to a unique team building day on the water? Show those out of town friends and family what life is like here in BC, book that club dive or dive vacation. Or maybe just make the most of your days off.  Contact us, and don’t forget we have a full fleet of rental gear, and have special arrangements with local hotels info@seadragoncharters.com / 604-329-3486



Snorkel with Seals, an Experience Like No Other!

Snorkel with Seals on Sea Dragon Charters

Say hello to our little friends!

The days are getting hotter, the summer is drawing closer, and the water is becoming more inviting with each new day! Head over to Horseshoe Bay and spend a morning, or afternoon on the water with us. We’ll show you the beauty of Howe Sound, supply some drinks, offer wetsuits, kayaks and snorkeling gear, and show you a great time!

“Saturday’s seal encounters were spectacular! There were about 50 seals hanging around the group. The guests stayed in the water with the seals for 1.5 hours then kayaked experiencing dozens of very young pups playing around them as they paddled. The Snorkel and Kayak Adventure is normally 4 hours, however it was extended to 5 hours as so much marine life was present – frankly no one was interested in being anywhere else but Howe Sound!”  – Captain Kevin

The diving has also been fantastic lately – read Captain Kevin’s full dive report. Don’t forget we have a full rental fleet, including tanks, and can even do air fills at sea!

Diving Conditions Improving

Weekend Availability for May

Parking Note: The Topline has moved to it’s summer location in the Horseshoe Bay marina. Please use the ramp nearest to the BC Ferry. During summer months parking can be tough, please allow plenty of time to find a good spot. Unload next to the marina ramp, then park behind Starbucks, Trolls, or the BC Ferry terminal.

Looking for a mid-week dive or snorkel? Get 4 people and we’ll start our engines, head out on a weekday, and give you a fun day of diving or snorkeling! That’s you, plus three others. You can do that right?! Avoid rush hour, skip the board meeting, swap the pin stripe suit for a drysuit or wetsuit – three buddies and you makes for a great weekday!